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Writing the Torah - Many of the same principles apply to preparing and delivering a , the weekly Torah portion, as a whole, or of zeroing in on certain words or verses. Writing the Torah Who composed the orinal Torah. It is a positive commandment for every Jew to write a Torah or have one written for him.

Life Coach Training - In accordance with Torah Hashkafa. This desnation underscores the importance of text in Judaism and the belief that God communicates with us through the written word. Enhancing the importance of its teachings is the fact that it is written in a special way. First and foremost, a kosher (acceptable according to Jewish law) Torah scroll must be hand-written.

Sefer Torah project, Torah writing campan The last mitzvah in the Torah, as understood by the rabbis, is delivered to Moses and Joshua: “Therefore, write down this poem and teach it to the people of Israel; put it in their mouths, in order that this poem may be my witness against the people of Israel” (Deuteronomy ). Sefer Torah Campan. A Torah writing project. • Watch the sofer write with a quill and natural ink in the time honored fashion. See history in the making.

Moses Did Not Write the Torah « The Most people have heard of the 10 commandments, but in the Jewish relion there are actually 613. According to Jewish tradition, the entire Torah Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, both written and oral, was dictated to Moses at Mount Sinai about.

Who Wrote the Torah? - Bluethread Nearly 1000 years later, the commentator known as The Rosh had a new take on this tradition, in keeping with the customs of his time. WHO WROTE THE TORAH? The Documentary Hypothesis. Bluethread feels that it is important for amateur Torah scholars to have a basic.

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