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Terms used in papermaking

Glossary of Papermaking Terms - British Association of Paper. Papermaking is the process of making paper, a material which is used universally today for writing and packaging. Badger - term applied to a residue of pulp remaining in the vat after papermaking is completed. Bamboo - now rarely used for the production of paper, the fibres.

Papermaking chemistry glossary - NC State WWW4 Server Interaction between small molecules (lands) and an ion to form a chemical complex. Interaction between a soluble polymer and something else to form a polyelectrolyte complex that may precipitate A tendency for fibers to collect together in bunches in the presence of flow, and especially in the presence of retention aids; the same word also refers to the action of hh-mass polymers in forming bridges between suspended colloidal particles, causing strong, relatively irreversible agglomeration. Extensive glossary of cal terms and definitions used in papermaking wet-end chemistry, including links to further information. Compiled by Dr. Martin A. Hubble.

Papermaking - pedia Mill roll defect usually associated with a variation in caliper and/or basis weht across the web; stretched paper results, which tends to cause problems in the forms manufacturing process. Papermaking is the process of making paper, a material which is used universally today for. Dictionary of Terms Used in the Paper, Printing, and Allied Industries. Toronto H. Smith Paper Mills. 110 p. Weber, Charles G. and Shaw, Merle B.

Sizing - pedia Sizing is used for oil-based surface preparation for gilding (also known as mordant in this context). Papermaking. Sizing is used during paper manufacture to reduce the paper's tendency when dry to absorb liquid, with the goal of allowing inks and paints to remain on.

Terms used in papermaking:

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