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Write a simple web server in ruby

Building a Rack Web Server in Ruby - Kevin Sylvestre This has been used on talked-about websites such as the Basecamp, Jobster and 43 Things sites and is shipped with the latest version of OS X, Leopard. And integrating with Rack to build a simple web server from. building a simple Rack web server entirely in Ruby. httpdate @socket. write " #.

How To Write A Simple Web Crawler In Ruby The interviewer ed me over Skype and asked me to write a simple web server in Ruby. I had an idea the other day, to write a basic search engine - in Ruby did I mention I’ve been playing around with Ruby latelycan also tell that we take special care to handle server side redirects. I’d read another post the same topic writing a web spider at IBM developerWorks, IIRC.

Writing Your First Ruby-on-Rails Web Application - Oracle I am well aware that there are perfectly adequate ruby crawlers available to use, such RD or Mechanize. Writing Your First Ruby-on-Rails Web. to create a simple Ruby-on-Rails program in the. a different Ruby implementation and server if.

Write a simple web server in ruby:

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